Drying Apples in the Oven – An Expert Guide to Make Oven Dried Apples

drying apples in the oven

Here is all you need to know for drying apples in the oven.

Almost everyone loves the sweet and tart flavors of fresh apples, but it can be hard to enjoy them all before they begin to spoil. In order to get the most life out of this delicious fruit, one great option is to dehydrate apples in oven heat. Of course, not everyone is familiar with this process. Fortunately, it is quite simple and requires only a few basic steps. Keep reading to learn everything necessary to create a delectable batch of dried apples to snack on anytime.

Quick instructions for drying apples

  1. pick the freshest pieces of fruit possible,
  2. place the sliced apples on a baking sheet,
  3. place the baking sheet into an oven that has been preheated to 225 degrees Fahrenheit,
  4. dry apples for 1,5 hours.

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How to Dry Apples in the Oven

How to Select Apples

In order to achieve the best taste for dehydrated apples, it begins by choosing the best fresh fruits. Although there are many varieties available, the right option will depend on the personal preferences of those who will be eating them.

Many people prefer a sweeter taste, which translates well to the dried version of an apple. In these cases, one excellent option is the Gala apple. On the other hand, some individuals would rather snack on a more sour and tart apple. A selection of fresh, green Granny Smith apples will surely suit the tastes of these individuals. In order to please everyone, it is possible to choose a variety of sweet and sour apples and prepare them at the same time to provide a range of flavors.

As for choosing which apples to use, it is always best to pick the freshest pieces of fruit possible. Apple season tends to last from July to November, so picking apples or selecting them from the supermarket during these months is an easy way to find the most flavorful options possible. After all, choosing to dehydrate apples in oven heat means that the flavor of the fresh fruit will translate into the dried version, so it is best to start with the best-tasting ones available.

How to Prepare Apples for Oven Drying

After choosing the best-looking apples, it is time to begin preparing them for the dehydration process.

This is a very simple process that includes only two ingredients: the apples and a dash of cinnamon.

  • First, remove the core from each apple, which is easy to do with an apple corer but can also be accomplished with the careful use of a small knife. From there, simply create thin slices. Using a knife or a mandolin slicer, make sure that each slice is less than one-quarter of an inch thick to achieve the best results. Making them even thinner will create a crispier chip after the apples are dried in the oven.
  • Next, cover a baking sheet with parchment paper and lay out each apple slice in a single layer. The final step in preparing to dehydrate apples in oven heat involves sprinkling some cinnamon on top so that the added flavor gets baked into each piece.

Remember that the thickness of each slice will determine how long it will take to bake them to the perfect texture. For that reason, it is important to maintain consistent cuts throughout the entire batch. If a few slices are thicker than the rest, those will be significantly chewier than all the others. Since different people have unique preferences, however, it might be a good idea to slice a few of the apples to a thinner size to accommodate those who would rather have a crispier chip.

Drying Apples in the Oven

When everything is ready to go, place the baking sheet into an oven that has been preheated to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. The length of time that it will take to dehydrate apples in oven heat will depend on the desired texture.

Question: What temperature should I dry apples in the oven?

Answer: 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

For example, those who want a chewier dried apple will want to keep the slices in the oven for about 30 to 45 minutes and then flip them over to finish baking for roughly another half hour. When the edges of the apple slices begin to curl, it is time to turn them over.

Those who want a crispier stash of dried apples can increase the time in the oven by about an hour. After the proper amount of baking time is complete, turn the oven off and allow the slices to rest for another hour before removing them.

Here is a really nice video about drying apples in the oven.

How to Store Dried Apples

After following the steps above, the apples will be ready to enjoy. Of course, if there are too many slices to eat in one sitting, it is important to store them in a safe manner that will ensure that they remain delicious for as long as possible.

The main factor to consider involves keeping air away from the slices. Find a container such as a jar or resealable bag that will keep air and moisture out before storing them in a cool and dry location. When stored appropriately, dehydrated apples will remain tempting and tasty for as long as six months.

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