Amazing Garlic Powder Benefits

garlic powder benefits

Garlic is an herb related to the family of leeks, onion, and chives. It is grown all over the world.

Garlic is popular as a flavorful culinary ingredient. It is used for its strong distinctive taste. It is also well-recognized for its therapeutic and medicinal properties. It is believed to have enzymes, sulfur compounds, fiber, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that help promote health.

People use garlic cooked or raw. They also take it as a supplement or in powder form.

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What Is Garlic Powder?

Garlic powder is dehydrated garlic that is ground and used in powder form.

A lot of people find garlic powder easy and convenient to use. It is also more subtle and palatable than minced or chopped cloves.

Garlic powder is versatile. People use it for seasoning stews, soups, salad dressings, and pizzas. It is also incorporated in the butter dipping sauce, sour cream dressing, barbecue sauce, and other sauces.

Because it is made from dehydrated garlic, garlic powder has a long shelf life. It retains its potency and flavor for several months.

Garlic Powder Benefits

Garlic powder contains calcium, copper, phosphorus, potassium, iron, selenium, sodium, and magnesium. It has Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin C. It has protein and carbohydrates (in the form of sugar and dietary fiber). It contains organic compounds and antioxidants. All these nutrients help make garlic powder a powerhouse of health benefits.

Garlic powder benefits include the following …

Garlic powder helps balance cholesterol levels

Including garlic powder in your daily diet puts you in a better position to manage your cholesterol levels. Garlic powder brings down levels of bad cholesterol or LDL. It also helps boost good cholesterol or HDL.

Garlic powder prevents plaque build-up

The use of garlic powder reduces the buildup of plaque in the arteries. This, in turn, helps keep blood pressure down. You lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

It bolsters the immune system

Garlic powder has a wealth of minerals and antioxidants that help boost immunity. Taking garlic powder regularly gives you protection from viruses, fungi, and bacteria. It keeps you free from infections. It helps reduce your risk of several serious health conditions, including atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

It reduces atherosclerosis

Blood from the heart goes to the rest of the body through the arteries. The blood flows freely when the arteries are smooth and well-toned.

Age, smoking, hypertension, and high cholesterol can cause the formation of plaque in the arteries. When this happens, the arteries harden and narrow. They lose their ability to flex and stretch.

When the arteries are blocked, blood flow is compromised. This condition is known as atherosclerosis. Garlic powder reduces this effect.

It decreases your risk for strokes, heart attacks, and peripheral cardiovascular disease – health conditions resulting from atherosclerosis.

It helps to prevent diabetes

Whether you already have diabetes or not, garlic powder reduces your sugar levels. It regulates blood glucose.

It also reduces the effects of certain complications arising from diabetes by doing the following:

  • It reduces sugar in the blood.
  • It strengthens immunity.
  • It lowers bad cholesterol or low-density lipids (LDL).
  • It helps to keep blood pressure normal.
  • It prevents heart disease.
  • It prevents atherosclerosis.
  • It fights infections.
  • It helps in blood circulation.

Garlic powder decreases the risk of cancer

Garlic powder has antioxidants and bioactive compounds (sulfur compounds, especially) that help in cancer prevention.

  • Garlic powder alleviates inflammation.
  • It lowers oxidative stress in the body.
  • It prevents cellular transformation.

By addressing inflammation, cellular mutation, and oxidative stress, garlic powder helps you lower your risk of cancer without any side effects.

Garlic powder helps reduce your risk for heart disease

Garlic powder has several mechanisms that help to lower the risk of heart disease.

  • It prevents the body from producing too much cholesterol.
  • Its dietary fiber helps to eliminate cholesterol through the stool.
  • It prevents cholesterol and plaque buildup in the arteries.
  • It inhibits blood clots.
  • It reduces inflammation.
  • It brings down blood pressure.

Garlic powder helps prevent brain conditions like dementia and Alzheimers’ disease

Garlic powder has antioxidants that prevent oxidative damage associated with free radicals. Oxidative damage contributes to the early onset of aging. It leads to age-associated conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. By preventing oxidative stress, garlic powder reduces the risk of these brain conditions.

It is a natural aid for digestion

Garlic powder has dietary fiber, iron, and organic compounds that help keep the stomach strong and healthy.

It helps you digest food and move your bowels regularly. It helps relieve or reduce the symptoms associated with indigestion and constipation.

How to Make Garlic Powder at Home

It is a very simple process. You just need a few bulbs of fresh garlic. Here is a great video about how to make garlic powder.