15 Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

health benefits of chamomile tea

People from all walks of life enjoy relaxing with a tasty cup of tea. While it might be enough to appreciate the flavor simply, there are actually some incredible health advantages. Specifically, the benefits of chamomile tea are numerous and can help people address a number of problematic issues. Keep reading for a list of the most common health benefits of chamomile tea.

NB! Regardless of the many amazing health benefits chamomile tea is offering, it should not be treated as a replacement for medicine. Chamomile tea is amazing, but for any medical condition, please consult your doctor for treatment.

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Top Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

1. Better Sleep (my favorite health benefit)

Fans of hot tea have long chosen to sip a cup before heading to bed. Relaxation is one of the most widely recognized health benefits of chamomile tea, which explains why many people believe a cup helps them get more restorative sleep. Although studies on humans are limited, there is evidence that laboratory rats were able to get to sleep more quickly after ingesting chamomile tea.

2. Cold Relief

One of the most frustrating feelings that all humans have in common involves waking up with the symptoms of a common cold. While there is no proven cure or remedy for this ailment, some evidence indicates that cold sufferers can breathe in steam infused with chamomile tea extract to receive some serious relief and potentially shorten the length of the illness. In addition, a cup of hot tea always helps with the cold.

3. Menstrual Cramp Reduction

Anyone who has experienced the painful cramps that can accompany a monthly menstrual cycle is sure to appreciate any relief available. Fortunately, one of the benefits of chamomile tea appears to be reduced cramping and discomfort when the beverage is consumed on a regular basis over the course of a month.

4. Bone Density

The aging process can rob a person’s bones of density and strength, potentially leading to osteoporosis. As it turns out, it might only take a daily cup of chamomile tea to help prevent this process. It is not entirely clear why chamomile tea is particularly helpful in this regard, but one study indicated that the brewed beverage can offset the impact of estrogen. That hormone is believed to be a key factor in developing osteoporosis.

5. Fighting Cancer

There are many natural ingredients believed to help a person’s body prevent or fight off the effects of cancer, including chamomile tea. There has been some clinical research performed that appears to back up this claim. Specifically, proponents say that the properties of the tea could help ensure that dangerous cancer cells cannot easily develop or replicate.

6. Regulating Blood Sugar

Whether a person is diabetic or simply interested in maintaining the healthiest level of blood sugar possible, it is easier to achieve important health goals by drinking chamomile tea. Although it is important to note that the properties of this beverage should not be used in place of prescribed medications, there is some evidence that it can help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the health issues caused by diabetes.

7. Inflammation Treatment

There are many causes of inflammation in joints, nasal passages, and elsewhere within a person’s body. Specifically, this is a natural response to infections and helps boost the body’s immune system. Nevertheless, inflammation is often painful, can last for a long period of time, and even lead to additional complications. Due to its unique natural compounds, enjoying a cup of chamomile tea can be one way of reducing inflammation.

8. Promoting Skin Health

Whether the problem is eczema, acne, or just the effects of aging, there are countless products on the market that claim to help treat common skin issues. While some of these remedies contain chemicals and other additives, there is a benefit to using natural products whenever possible. For that reason, one of the health benefits of chamomile tea is that it can be a holistic way to address such skin conditions. Specifically, one report determined that applying an ointment infused with the tea extract can be beneficial for individuals with a range of mild skin issues.

9. Anxiety Relief

Stress, personal responsibilities, work concerns, and many other issues can contribute to the anxiety that many people feel on a daily basis. While no remedy will clear up all of the underlying problems that lead to anxiety issues, it is possible to get some measurable relief. Although more research is needed to determine the extent of its benefits, there is some compelling evidence that chamomile tea has properties that can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety.

10. Dandruff Treatment

A variety of shampoos and other treatments claim to reduce the flakes of dandruff that people of all types deal with on a regular basis. Not only can this be a bit embarrassing for some individuals, but it can also lead to irritation and discomfort. Keeping a healthy scalp and reducing the prevalence of dandruff can be easily addressed with a home remedy as simple as enjoying a cup of chamomile tea. In addition to drinking it, some experts recommend that individuals with dandruff rinse their hair with the tea after applying shampoo and conditioner.

11. Reducing Dark Eye Circles

While drinking chamomile tea can help restore a person’s skin, it is also possible to find some incredible benefits by using the leftover bags used to brew the beverage. Studies have shown that applying brewed tea bags to a person’s eyes can reduce the number of dark circles present underneath.

12. Treating Sunburn

Another way that chamomile tea can help encourage skin health is by treating sunburn. After spending too much time outdoors, it is possible that the sun’s UV rays can lead to redness, irritation, and peeling skin. While there are many lotions and creams designed to address these issues, one of the simplest natural remedies involves brewing chamomile tea, refrigerating the liquid, and applying it with a towel to the sunburned area.

13. Digestive Aid

There are many issues that can result in stomach discomfort and intestinal problems. Gas, indigestion, nausea, and vomiting can all be caused by temporary issues such as eating the wrong foods or finishing a meal too quickly. Furthermore, there are aggravating consequences related to motion sickness and other external factors that can quickly become serious problems. In addition to the many remedies already available on pharmacy shelves, it is important to note that chamomile tea has been shown to relax the digestive tract and relieve many of these issues.

14. Weight Loss

To be clear, there are no apparent compounds or elements in chamomile tea that will lead to shedding fat. Nevertheless, this is a great addition to any diet or weight loss program. For starters, it is calorie-free in its plain form, which means dieters can enjoy as much as they want without adding on any extra pounds. Additionally, since one of the clear benefits of chamomile tea is that it can reduce stress, it also tackles one of the main causes of packing on unwanted weight.

15. Improved Heart Health

A compound substance known as a flavonoid is present in chamomile tea and has long been linked to a healthier heart in people who drink the beverage regularly. Among the ways that flavonoids are believed to interact with the cardiovascular system are by reducing cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. Furthermore, a chemical known as apigenin is also found in chamomile tea and is said to be effective at getting rid of potentially harmful cholesterol.