How to Store Dried Lavender

how to store dried lavender

Find out how to store dried lavender!

Lavender is not only beautiful and fragrant. It’s also useful in many ways. Many people love using fresh lavenders in bouquets. But, in its dry state, you can enjoy the benefits all year round.

Lavender still has a lot of uses. But, buying them can be expensive. Instead, you can make your own dried lavender at home.

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How to Store Dried Lavender

First of all – let’s see quickly, how you can dry lavender at home.

There are different ways on how to dry lavender in your home. Here are various methods to create your own dried lavender with a few easy steps.

  • Dry bunching – Dry bunching lavender is easy as cut, group, and hand.
  • Counter drying – This may be the easiest way to dry lavender.
  • Oven drying – Preheat your oven to 200F (100C). Lay the lavender on a baking sheet. Spread them evenly on the baking sheet, making sure that lavender stalks are not overlapping.
  • Microwave drying – The method of using a microwave is similar to using an oven. You’d just need to dry the lavender under high heat setting for a minute.
  • Dehydrating (using a dehydrator) – If you have a dehydrator, you may also use it to dry your lavender. The preparation for dehydration is also the same as the prep for oven and microwave drying.

Here is a complete guide on how to dry lavender at home: 5 Easy Methods of Drying Lavender at Home

How to store dried lavender

After drying the lavender, you’d want to store it properly. Storing your dried lavender in a safe place will:

  • Preserve the fragrance
  • Keep the color vibrant
  • Preserve the taste
  • Reserve the efficacy

There are many ways to store dried lavender. Following these tips on the proper storage of your dried lavender will ensure its long shelf life.

Use an airtight container

Mason jars with airtight features are the best options to store your dried lavender. If it becomes exposed to air for a long period of time, it may become stale.

Keep in a dark place

Exposing the dried lavender to sunlight can cause it to change color and decay. Try to store dried lavender in a dark cabinet or drawer. Also, getting colored jars is one way of preventing sunlight from ruining the dried lavender.

Place in low humidity and stable temperature

Fluctuating temperature and high humidity can cause molds to ruin dried lavender.

Store only when completely dry

Don’t store lavender that isn’t completely dried. Even a small amount of moisture can lead to molds.

Carefully separate the blooms from the stalk

Before you store them, remove the blooms from the stalk carefully. You can do this by lightly rubbing a dried lavender stalk in between your hands. Be careful though, there might be tiny, sharp stems that can poke you. You’d only want the blooms of the lavender, so discard the stalk.

With these simple tips, you can create your own dried lavender. Choose the best drying method for you. You can experiment on which one works best, depending on your area’s climate condition.

Don’t settle for cheap storage containers. Investing in high-quality containers will make sure that your dried lavender will last longer.

Some benefits of dried lavender


It gives a wonderful and fresh scent to your home. You can place it in small decorative containers and keep them open.

Insect repellant

Lavender can keep pesky insects away. This is natural and safe to use, especially for families with children.


You can also use dried lavender to add fragrance and flavor to your teas.

Cooking and baking

Since lavender is part of the family of mint plants, you can add it to food as well.


Instead of buying commercial lavender oil, you can create your own lavender-infused oil. Lavender has great health benefits such as constipation and headache relief.

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