How to Store Dried Parsley

how to store dried parsley

Find out how to store dried parsley!

Herbs like parsley are cheap when bought by bulk. So what should you do if you bought too much parsley because it was on sale on the herbs section or you dried parsley yourself? This article will teach you how to store dried parsley.

The techniques that will be discussed here also works well with other herbs. If you have a garden of the herb essentials like chives, rosemary, thyme, mint, oregano, and others, drying and storing them will help ensure that you have a steady supply – even during the cold seasons.

Parsley is used in a wide array of dishes both as garnish and spice. Although consuming it fresh is highly recommended for maximum flavor, fresh parsley leaves only last for 2 weeks, maximum. Of course, you can freeze parsley, which is a common method, and make it last for half a year.

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But, if you want parsley to last even longer, you need to properly dry and store it. Dried parsley can last for a year or even longer. The drawback with drying parsley is that it loses a bit of flavor, so it won’t have the same potency it has when it is fresh. However, most homes prefer to use dried parsley over the fresh ones because you can use it any time of the year.

Drying parsley at home is fairly easy.

Here are the methods you can use: 5 Easy Methods of Drying Parsley at Home.

How to Store Dried Parley

Air is the enemy of dried parsley because it can contaminate and shorten the shelf life of the herb.

That’s why it’s important that you store your dried parsley in airtight containers.

Glass is the preferred storage container for dried parsley or any other dried herb. That’s because glass doesn’t affect the flavor of the herbs, unlike plastic or metal. Mason jars look good and work great, but you can use any empty glass jar with an airtight light.

Dried parsley can be stored for a year. Although you can still use it beyond that time frame, it may not be as aromatic and flavorful. You can still use old herbs for craft and soap projects, though.

Store the container in a cool, dry, and dark place. High temperature, light, and humidity shorten the shelf life of dried parsley.

You can also combine drying and freezing parsley to further lengthen the time it can be used for culinary purposes. Store the dried herb inside a freezer-compatible airtight container and freeze it. Using this method, your dried parsley can last for a year and a half.

Although dried parsley will not spoil even after a few years, it will eventually lose its aroma and flavor, rendering it useless. That’s why it’s important that you dry and store only enough amount that you can use up for a year.

Drying herbs like parsley isn’t that difficult and doesn’t need special equipment. Just ensure that the parsley is completely dry before storage. You can use the methods here to store dried parsley or any other herb you want.

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