What to Do with Dried Lavender

what to do with dried lavender

Here are some amazing uses of dried lavender!

There are many reasons to enjoy a flowering plant such as lavender. Most notably, the fresh fragrance is a great way to inject some inviting scents into a home or place of business. Even some fans of this fantastic flower might not know some of its inventive and innovative uses, though. Anyone wondering what to do with dried lavender can keep reading for some helpful tips and tricks.

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What to Do with Dried Lavender

Homemade Bath Salts

While people frequently purchase fragranced bath salts from a retailer in order to create a more relaxing soak, it is very simple to make this product at home. Not only does it save money, but it will allow individuals to infuse their favorite scents into the salts. When using dried lavender, all it takes is one-fourth of a cup combined with one cup of epsom salt. When the appropriate time arrives, pouring the concoction into the warm water will set the stage for an irresistible bath.

Fragrant Dryer Sachet

The smell of freshly laundered clothes is a wonderful part of the day for many people, but it could be even more memorable with the addition of dried lavender. To infuse the aroma of this flower into the laundry, simply place it in a small fabric bag and tie it up securely. Then toss the sachet into the dryer before starting a typical cycle. If used correctly, each bag will retain its fragrance for roughly ten uses and keep clothes smelling great for a long time.

Natural Bug Repellent

While there are many chemicals and other products that claim to get rid of pesky bugs, many of them have an objectionable scent and contain ingredients that are anything but natural. In order to take a more holistic approach to repelling bugs without killing them or creating a stinky environment, just keep a sachet filled with dried lavender nearby. The fragrance has been shown to be an effective way to keep bugs of all types at bay.

Effective Carpet Refresher

With people and pets tracking dirt across the floor every day and spills creating lasting smells, it is almost impossible to maintain a perfectly clean area of carpet. Furthermore, vacuum cleaners can easily pick up the odors from a carpet and begin to take on their own distinct smell. Fortunately, it is easy to address both of these issues with one simple step. Sprinkling dried lavender directly onto a carpeted area before running the vacuuming will leave a fresh smell on the floor while tackling the lingering odors that can remain inside the vacuum cleaner.

Infused Oils

People from all walks of life use essential oils and other tinctures to relieve a range of issues. Instead of purchasing a bottle from a retailer, however, it is easy to create a lavender infused oil with just a few steps. Select a preferred type of oil and pour it into a jar containing a sachet. Keep the sealed jar handy and give it a shake every few days. After about a month, it is ready to use as a treatment for bug bites, itches, burns, and other minor skin irritations.

Nighttime Support

Whether someone is suffering from insomnia or just needs a bit of help relaxing at the end of a long day, the answer might be as simple as incorporating some dried lavender into the nightly routine. Since the scent is known to naturally bring about a relaxed feeling, many people choose to place a bag containing the flower underneath their pillows to keep the fragrant aroma nearby throughout the night.

Air Freshener

The extent of this flower’s strong aroma is so impressive that it can be used to create an inviting scent in many different spaces. It is best to keep it in relatively small areas to achieve the best results. One great option involves placing a sachet inside of drawers so that each time they are opened it will release a refreshing wave of the lavender smell. The same technique is also effective inside of vehicles as a natural alternative to other popular air fresheners.

Gift Packaging

When wrapping up a special present, it might be more impactful to go above and beyond the basic paper, ribbon, and bow. Incorporating a small bag of dried lavender can add a new and inviting dimension to almost any gift.

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